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About Me


I'm Juan Ospina Bustamante, a Graphics and Gameplay Programmer and lifelong gamer. My passion for gaming inspired me to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering, followed by a game development master's degree at the Guildhall at SMU. I'm constantly learning about innovative rendering methods and techniques and enjoy putting them into practice. With a strong attention to detail and love for problem-solving, I thrive in team environments where we can bring projects to life.

Team Projects

Light of Alariya

Roles: Graphics/Gameplay Programmer

Light of Alariya Poster

Light of Alariya is an open-world, third-person, exploration puzzle game in which you traverse ancient alien temples and ruins to restore the power of the stars and awaken your sleeping civilization.

Released on Steam.

UE5 | 3D | PC | 3rd Person | Puzzle Exploration

Hex Rally Racers

Roles: Graphics/Gameplay Programmer

Arcade racing game for PC where players race on flying brooms through wild twisting and turning tracks, combining ingredients to craft potions to be used against other players.

Released on Steam.

UE4 | 3D | PC | Arcade Racing


Roles: Generalist Programmer
Title image.jpg

Inkky is an action platformer wherein you change your color at various points to navigate the world to save the world inside a doodle book.

Unity | 2D | Android | Platformer

Personal Projects

(Custom C++ Engine)

Hair Rendering and Simulation using Mass Springs and DFTL


C++ | HLSL | DirectX11 | Simulation

Hair is rendered using Kajiya-Kay and Marschner lighting. Interpolated using tessellation, and simulated with Mass Spring Systems and DFTL. Uses SSAO and MSAA.

Shadow Maps

Shadow Maps.gif

C++ | DirectX11 | HLSL | Shadows

Shadow Maps exploration and implementation using custom settings, bias, and sampling methods as well as DirectX rasterizer settings (Work in progress).

Polygon Fragmentation using Voronoi Regions


C++ | Linear Algebra | DirectX11 | Collision

Polygons are triangulated using Delaunay's algorithm, and split with the resulting Voronoi regions. Upscalable to 3D polygons.

Simple Miner


C++ | Memory Management | DirectX11

Project focused on memory and resource management, illumination methods, translucency, vertex animations, job systems and multi-threading, optimization and Minecraft world features.



C++ | HLSL | DirectX11 | Collision

First person shooter, developed in 2.5D. Doom and Wolfenstein clone, uses Blinn-Phong illuminationUses XML data-driven design for game elements, and implements special collision and raycast algorithms



C++ | DirectX11 | Collision

Top down 2D shooter, supporting image-based maps, and using Entity based system and XML data-driven entity definitions.



C++ | DirectX11

2D arcade style game, where initial engine systems were set up.

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