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Hex Rally Racers


Hex Rally Racers is a 3D arcade racing game for PC where players race on flying brooms through wild twisting and turning tracks, combining ingredients to craft potions to be used against other players. 


Gameplay and Graphics Programmer


Unreal Engine 4.27



Development Time

6 Months (January,2022 - May,2022)

Team Size

56 People

Available on Steam

Game Trailer



  • Implement, test and refine gameplay features for the game

  • Create and implement post-process effects, such as radial blur, tinting, and, effects related post-processing that are created according to gameplay

  • Develop and refine sections of the UI

  • Work closely with artists and level designers

  • Perform integration testing

Post Mortem

What went well:

  • First big game development experience, which was executed and ended well.

  • Communication skills proved important for coordinating tasks and making gameplay features

  • The iteration process was fast, allowing for better results

  • Majority of tasks were able to be completed and integrated into the game

  • Cross-discipline communication went well

  • No crunch

  • Published on Steam

What went wrong

  • Time was limited for the project, which limited scope

  • The game's UI required a lot of polishing as a last minute task

  • Some code was in serious need of refactoring

  • Unplanned tasks were generated mid-sprint

What we learned

  • Gained valuable experience with UE4

  • Consistent and sufficient communication skills to convey to the rest of team what was being done, and what was possible in terms of development.

  • Gained ability for quick and efficient problem solving

  • How to promptly determine out of scope tasks and how to limit them properly

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