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Light of Alariya


Light of Alariya is an open-world, third-person, exploration puzzle game in which you traverse ancient alien temples and ruins to restore the power of the stars and awaken your sleeping civilization.


Gameplay and Graphics Programmer


Unreal Engine 5.0



Development Time

6 Months (July, 2022 - December, 2022)

Team Size

27 People

Available on Steam

Game Trailer

Game Mechanics

The player can explore the open-world,  traversing ancient alien temples and ruins, finding traces of and old civilization,  and solving puzzles to restore the power of the stars and awaken the protagonist's (Rumi) sleeping civilization.



  • Implement, test and refine swinging physics and mechanics, collaborating with level designers.

  • Work closely with artists to develop and integrate sand-related visual effects.

  • Plan and execute  puzzle system and its integration with the rest of gameplay systems.

  • Develop and refine sections of the UI.

Post Mortem

What went well:

  • Team dynamics came much easier in this second project.

  • Communication was consistent through the project.

  • Close collaboration resulted easily modifiable game mechanics. 

  • Integration of visual effects was quick and feedback was provided promptly.

  • No crunch.

  • Published on Steam.

What went wrong

  • The scope of the game was huge, which resulted in some half-baked mechanics being cut from the game

  • The decision of cutting the game mechanics was late in the game, preventing focus on other mechanics

  • A programmer had to leave the project, which caused overflow of tasks for all the programming team

  • Game performance was a worry right until the end

What we learned

  • Learned the new and different features of Unreal 5

  • Understood how different communication techniques can be used for specific types of people. 

  • Gained experience for debugging physics systems

  • How to collaborate with other people from the team, while maintaining deeply interweaved systems

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